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Conferences Use this category to inquire about upcoming and past conferences where Sensu is participating/sponsoring/etc. Meetups Posts about upcoming and past Meetups. Want to get involved? Start a new topic to gauge interest and get support (including sponsored swag/food/etc) from Sensu Inc. Webinars Updates regarding upcoming and past Sensu webinars.
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About the Sensu Events category 2 December 13, 2019
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Live webinar: assets in Sensu Go! 1 October 11, 2019
How To Start A Monitoring Meetup and get Sensu to help you! 1 November 9, 2018
Migration Webinar Follow Up Question: Sensu Go enablement in aws plugin 3 August 1, 2019
Migration Webinar Follow Up Question: Proxy Check Subscriptions 2 July 31, 2019
Webinar: Migrating to Sensu Go! July 31, 2019 @ 10:00 AM PT 2 July 31, 2019
Is there a meet up videos available anywhere? 4 February 18, 2019