Entity label performance impacts

Hey folks,

I’m planning out the base client template for our environment, and we use token substitution with a number of our checks. I’d say we have around 10 fields that are used for endpoints, or passwords, etc… I read that “Overusing labels can affect Sensu’s internal performance, so we recommend moving complex, non-identifying metadata to annotations.” (entity metadata attributes).

Is there a number that we should try to stay under as to not hit this performance impact? ie. 5 labels per client? 25? 50?

Thanks for any guidance.




Asking around a bit at the virtual water cooler, it seems like this performance statement maybe be more about intent on how labels are going to be used in the future. There may be some planned feature still that make heavier use on labels internally in how Sensu backend operates, so the performance warning is probably still relevant as an intention to treat labels differently than annotations.

I couldn’t dig up any current perf testing being done to support the statement right now. Since Sensu currently supports arbitrary field based resource filtering in the API I’m not sure there is currently a differentiated performance impact regarding labels anywhere in the stack. But I think there is intent to make use of labels, so that warning there is to encourage people to use annotations now to avoid performance impacts in a future release.

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