Sensu Go

Use this category to ask any and all questions about Sensu Go. For questions related to Enterprise features, please include the Enterprise tag.

Sensu Plugins

Use this category to discuss Sensu Plugins and integrations – many of the plugin maintainers are here to help!

Sensu Core

Use this category to discuss all things related to Sensu Core the open source version of Sensu Monitoring Software.

Meetups / Events

Use this category to discuss Events and Meetups that are of interest to the Sensu Community. We also love to sponsor events, so this is a good place to bring them to our attention. We are here to help you get a Monitoring Meetup going in your town. Read more:


This category has helpful resources for using this forum and troubleshooting Sensu.

Sensu Enterprise

Use this category for questions and answers related to monitoring with Sensu Enterprise Classic. All discussions related to Enterprise features in Sensu Go, should be started in the Sensu Go category.


This category is used to announce releases for Sensu Go and Sensu Classic, events and other interesting news to the Sensu Community. Only Sensu Staff and project maintainers can post in this category. All discussion related to the announcements should be posted in other categories.

Site Feedback

Discussion about this site, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.