Are aws plugins getting updates?

are the sensu aws check bonsai assets deprecated? are there newer ones to use? the ruby based ones last published date is Jan 2021, and the golang ones are Sept 2020 (the golang repo is actually set to read only, so it appears there is no new development there).

simple things like up to date instance types are missing, this PR: check-rds: Updated rds instances and available memory by therealrawal · Pull Request #393 · sensu-plugins/sensu-plugins-aws · GitHub actually has the fix for some it, but it was never reviewed or merged so the contributer closed it?

What is going on? is sensu even something that can be relied upon moving forward?

Hi there @jtenzer :wave: sorry for the confusion regarding our AWS plugins. The sensu/sensu-aws plugin is no longer being actively maintained, as indicated in the GitHub repository README and by the archived status of the project (which you noted):

I can’t speak for the status of community-maintained plugins (though it is clear that contributions on the Ruby-based plugins has slowed), but the Sensu team is now actively maintaining a new AWS Cloudwatch plugin (as indicated in the sensu/sensu-aws README) for collecting metrics from AWS.

This plugin provides presets for collecting Cloudwatch metrics from various AWS services, as well as tools for developing new presets and/or customizing existing presets (e.g. --dry-run and --output-config flags). This plugin can also be used with more verbose config flags to query Cloudwatch metrics without a preset.

Furthermore, we have begun to provide check configuration templates via the Sensu Catalog – a new in-app marketplace featuring dozens of turn-key integrations, including various AWS services. The Catalog is an open marketplace, so even Sensu Go OSS can benefit from the curation work we’re doing there by visiting the GitHub repository:

Here are a few reference implementations showing how to use the new Cloudwatch plugin with Sensu Go – with and without presets:

In general, one of the main reasons the Sensu Catalog exists is to help provide an official answer to the discovery/curation challenge surrounding a platform that is as mature as Sensu – which was originally open sourced in November 2011. And with the catalog we can do more than say “this is the right plugin to use” – we can also provide working configuration templates, and a prompting system to allow users to customize & install integrations in a self-service fashion.

We clearly don’t have every possible integration present in the Catalog (yet!), but we now have a solution for directing users to actively maintained and/or commercially supported integrations for monitoring various third-party applications and services. And we worked hard to build the Catalog as an open marketplace so anyone can contribute! Issues and PRs are always welcome :blush: and we anticipate that as more of our customers begin adopting the Catalog we’ll see the number of turn-key integrations in the Catalog grow pretty quickly.

I hope this helps!