Building SensuGO from source is resulting in etcd checksum error

Hello Team - I am seeing problems building sensugo from source. I have been following this document and seeing this error, both the master and release/5.18 branches.

go run ./cmd/sensuctl

go: downloading v3.3.17+incompatible
go: downloading v0.0.0-20180409082103-cbde00b44273
go: downloading v0.0.1
go: downloading v3.0.1
go: downloading v1.9.2
go: verifying checksum mismatch
downloaded: h1:jOY2R/2Ur1Z0Dy/OVq63noZYSxYbWG0+nTqX3bZpAKA=
go.sum: h1:f/Z3EoDSx1yjaIjLQGo1diYUlQYSBrrAQ5vP8NjwXwo=

Hi @kmuthuku,

Which version of Go are you running? I’d recommend to make sure you have go 1.13 installed, otherwise you might see some incompatibilities.