Check resource "type" field

For defining a check, as per documentation we have to use “type: CheckConfig”. But while converting checks from sensu-core using conversion tool files are getting created with “type:Check”. Does both work fine?


I believe this is currently a backwards compatible type definition that sensuctl understands so this shouldn’t be a problem.

I just tested this locally using sensuctl 6.3.0 following this procedure:

  1. extracting an existing Sensu Go check definition with sensuctl check info command using the --format wrapped-json option
  2. deleting the check from the sensu backend with sensuctl check delete
  3. editing the local json file from step 1. changing the metadata to read as "type": "Check"
  4. repopulating the check back into the running Sensu backend using sensuctl create -f

Check was re-created without error, type was converted to CheckConfig.

Thanks for confirming …:slight_smile: