Cron check fails for no reason

Strange. Perhaps the client name changed or something after the initial configuration and the failed check is for a different client? You can look at the clients in the dashboard. If you delete the clients, any events will be flushed and the clients will re-register if you restart the sensu-client service. Looking at the client and server logs should help as well.


On Sunday, June 2, 2013 7:50:43 PM UTC-7, Carl Mercier wrote:

Hi guys.

I just installed Sensu for the first time following the instructions on the website. I have the client and server on the same machine. I’m getting alerts this alert in the dashboard:

CheckProcs CRITICAL: Found 0 matching processes; cmd /cron/

Running the check manually in the console with ‘/etc/sensu/plugins/check-procs.rb -p cron -C 1’ reports that it’s running:

CheckProcs OK: Found 1 matching processes; cmd /cron/

What am I missing?