email output by sensu handler mailer

HI All,

I am using handler for mail(sensu-plugins-mailer) and sensu check using check-graphite-data.rb to fetch data from graphite.

Also ,mails are getting triggered in below format:

CheckGraphiteData WARNING: internal.disk-usage.root.used has passed warning threshold (18345.0)


Admin GUI: http://localhost:8080/

Host: internal.sensuclient.graphite

Timestamp: 2016-03-31 06:42:34 +0100

Address: XX.XX.XX.XX

Check Name: sensuclientgraphite

Command: /usr/bin/env /etc/sensu/plugins/check-graphite-data.rb -s XX.XX.XX.XX:8080 -t ‘highestCurrent(internal.disk-usage.root.used,1)’ -w 18000 -c 400000 -a 120


Occurrences: 6665

But i need to customize the above output.I searched in sensu docs but not able to figure out .

Could any one ,let me know where and how to change the parameters, so it will reflect in triggered mail.

Thanks in advance