"error":"backend URL (//:8081/system_handler) must have ws:// or wss://

Hi Geeks,

I have installed sensu-aggent 5.21 on centos6.5 but my server is on centos7. When I start sensu-agent I prompt the followingg error. Any clue to fix the isssue.

“component”:“agent”,“level”:“info”,“msg”:“compacting api queue”,“time”:“2020-06-24T05:29:12Z”}
{“component”:“agent”,“level”:“info”,“msg”:“finished api queue compaction”,“time”:“2020-06-24T05:29:12Z”}
{“component”:“agent”,“level”:“info”,“msg”:“using password auth”,“time”:“2020-06-24T05:29:12Z”}
{“component”:“agent”,“error”:“backend URL (//:8081/system_handler) must have ws:// or wss:// scheme”,“level”:“fatal”,“msg”:“error executing sensu-agent”,“time”:“2020-06-24T05:29:12Z”}


That error looks to me like the backend_url for the agent configuration is misconfigured.
You should probably check the /etc/sensu/agent.yml file.

Thanks for your reply.

You are very right. Mentioned line was uncommented. I commented it and strated. Work fine now. Again Thanks.

# - system_handler