Execute single check across multiple agents


I have a 3 node backend cluster (v6.6.6) and have a
bunch of aggregate checks I’d like to run. I’d like to
have the agents on each backend node subscribe to the
aggregate checks. However, I end up getting 3 alerts
each time an aggregate check is tripped.

Is there a clever way to configure the check so that
it’s run on one of the backend agents but not all of
them at the same time? Or perhaps silence the 2nd and
3rd alert? I’ve looked at the fatigue filter but the
event that it uses always has the ‘occurrences’ parameter
set to 1 (when the check first trips) since the check is
coming from a different agent.


it would probably make more sense to adapt the aggregate check into a BSM workflow.
Since your doing a aggregate check, there is an aggregate BSM rule template in the documentation that might be relevant:

Thanks Jef - I’ll look into that.