Few basic questions

Hello, I’m new to Sensu and I have a few basic questions that are probably the questions of many and I ask in this article
1- How can I rename Clusters ( in my case default)
2- How can I create a new Cluster (empty one)
3- How can I create subscriptions (named with me)
4- How can I see subscriptions checklists (such as sensuctl subscriptions info --I’ve known it doesn’t work it just a sample)
for more info: I added a CPU checker to the system subscription, and now I want to list all checks that assigned to a system (if I explain clearly what I need)

Description: Ubuntu 20.10
backend and agents ran with docker-compose
all steps after that with a command line (sensuctl asset add, sensuctl check create and …)

Cluster is a set of sensu-backend nodes using the same storage backend (etcd). You may used some name when initializing etcd cluster first and never see this name again, so no need to rename the cluster. If you need a new name - setup new cluster instead (cleanup and reinstall sensu-backend).

Subscription is created automatically when there is at least one check definition subscribed to it. They are not manageable.

The easiest way to see all checks subscibed to your system subscription is to go to sensu Web UI → Configuration → Checks and filter by subscription name.

Alternatively, you can can use some sensuctl+jq magic to get that list in cmdline:
for example:

$ sensuctl check list namespace default --format json | jq -r '.[] | select(.subscriptions==["system"])| .metadata.name'


Absolutely helpful thank you :pray:

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