FYI: Rocketchat added to Sensu Go Workshop

After some feedback from our live interactive workshop sessions, we’ve added rocketchat to Sensu Go workshop.

A lot of us use Slack in our work environments for chatops, but after doing live training sessions, it became clear that Slack isn’t the best chatops integration to use when working with externals in a training environment. To address this we’ve added rocketchat into the containerized workshop environment and updated the initial lesson exercises around alert filtering to use the workshop’s rocketchat provided service.

If you’ve already been using the workshop, I’d appreciated if you could go through lessons 4-6 again and see if there are any rough edges around the rocketchat service that I didn’t catch when doing my testing of the new service. It’s still possible to use slack with the workshop environment, but that’s now more of an excerice left for the reader and we are focusing on using the rocketchat service that is part of the containerized environment in the guided lesson exercises.

And if you are using rocketchat for your day-to-day already, good news! Sensu has a brand new rocketchat handler. Please give it a whirl and file github issues if you find a deficiency.

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:boom: this is great, thanks Jef!