growing rabbit mq message queues


We’ve noticed that the total of all messages across all queues used by sensu is growing steadily. The queues that are growing are not the keepalives or results queues but what appear to be randomly generated queues. Is this normal, or is it indicative of a problem?

Here is an example of the queue usage:

amq.gen-yHP2yEAVP0hxggqu6aR0Ew 1314
amq.gen-yJJR98JrIFj4m4441JKqRw 1302
amq.gen-yK8JI7o0Vxc85B4OedyJLg 1314
amq.gen-yKZVoQF2QSs9owBSThV4gA 0
amq.gen-ygi70n95sFAidfIK5oYGRw 1314
amq.gen-yzXOMe7KwnhCGylxOAAdtQ 0
amq.gen-z-YzCiSjVcvZlTxnIRTkXw 0
amq.gen-z3gBB5O-61CXaY6fpo9Ulg 1302
amq.gen-zbn1tyyRu_BEtFIY-D0vbg 5370
keepalives 0
results 0

The growth appears to be linear, and it continues across rabbit and sensu restarts.