installation docs: which services to enable

The step-by-step documentation is fantastic, makes life so much easier for those just getting started with Sensu. Kudos to the authors.

One detail seems to be missing. On Ubuntu 14.04 (and, I presume, other distros too) the sensu package installs four services in /etc/init.d: sensu-api, sensu-client, sensu-server, and sensu-service. It seems likely that sensu-client needs to be enabled on a client, and sensu-server and sensu-api need to be enabled on a server. It’s less clear what sensu-service does and where it should be enabled. I think the documentation should spell out which ones of these four services need to be enabled, and on what systems.

I’m guessing this info should be added to the page, or in various other places in the Installation, Getting Started, or Configuration sections.

Thank you.

Sorry, my bad, I’ve noticed that the service enable part is described in the overall introduction page