Issue with Relaying metrics to Graphite using WizardVan

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HI Guys I am facing issues relaying metrics to Graphite from Sensu server (Core 1.2). I am able to send test data to graphite as follows.
echo "local.random.diceroll 4 date +%s" | nc {SERVER} {PORT}

Also I have below relay.json file in my /etc/sensu/conf.d
“relay”: {
“graphite”: {
“host”: “”,
“port”: 2003,
“max_queue_size”: 16384

Also in /etc/sensu/extensions i have handlers/relay.rb and mutators/metrics.rb, but i do not see any metrics being relayed to Graphite. Please advise. thank you

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    Sensu Core 1.2, CentOS 7.5, SELinux Permissive , No Firewall rules

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I don’t have experience with WizardVan, but if handler and mutator extensions are being loaded as you expect, you should see loading extension file messages in /var/log/sensu/sensu-server.log.

Can you confirm that you see these extensions being loaded?

Secondly, your description of the issue doesn’t indicate how you have configured check handlers to send their data to the WizardVan relay.

Can you confirm that your check definitions include "metrics": true and specify the relay handler in their list of handlers?

@cwjohnston thanks a lot for the reply. I have configured checks on a windows vm as below. In Uchiwa i can see the correct status of check results.
“checks”: {
“cpu_load”: {
“command”: “Powershell.exe -NonInteractive -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy Bypass -NoLogo -File C:\etc\sensu\plugins\check-windows-cpu-load.ps1 85 95”,
“interval”: 60,
“metrics”: true,
“handlers”: [
“standalone”: true,
“timeout”: 5

Also sensu-server.log extensions and handler relay.rb is loaded. Still dont see any metrics coming in to Graphite unfortunately.

{“timestamp”:“2019-10-21T16:15:57.532265-0700”,“level”:“warn”,“message”:“loading extension files from directory”,“directory”:"/etc/sensu/extensions"}
{“timestamp”:“2019-10-21T16:15:57.532329-0700”,“level”:“warn”,“message”:“loading extension file”,“file”:"/etc/sensu/extensions/relay.rb"}
{“timestamp”:“2019-10-21T16:15:57.532359-0700”,“level”:“warn”,“message”:“loading extension file”,“file”:"/etc/sensu/extensions/metrics.rb"}
{“timestamp”:“2019-10-21T16:15:57.532384-0700”,“level”:“warn”,“message”:“loaded extension”,“type”:“filter”,“name”:“occurrences”,“description”:“filter events using event occurrences”}
{“timestamp”:“2019-10-21T16:15:57.532409-0700”,“level”:“warn”,“message”:“loaded extension”,“type”:“filter”,“name”:“check_dependencies”,“description”:“filter events when an event exists for a check dependency”}
{“timestamp”:“2019-10-21T16:15:57.532436-0700”,“level”:“warn”,“message”:“loaded extension”,“type”:“mutator”,“name”:“only_check_output”,“description”:“returns check output”}
{“timestamp”:“2019-10-21T16:15:57.532469-0700”,“level”:“warn”,“message”:“loaded extension”,“type”:“mutator”,“name”:“ruby_hash”,“description”:“returns ruby hash event data”}
{“timestamp”:“2019-10-21T16:15:57.532495-0700”,“level”:“warn”,“message”:“loaded extension”,“type”:“mutator”,“name”:“json”,“description”:“returns JSON formatted event data”}
{“timestamp”:“2019-10-21T16:15:57.532518-0700”,“level”:“warn”,“message”:“loaded extension”,“type”:“mutator”,“name”:“metrics”,“description”:“mutates metrics for relay to metric stores”}
{“timestamp”:“2019-10-21T16:15:57.532542-0700”,“level”:“warn”,“message”:“loaded extension”,“type”:“handler”,“name”:“relay”,“description”:“Relay metrics via a persistent TCP connection”}
{“timestamp”:“2019-10-21T16:15:57.532564-0700”,“level”:“warn”,“message”:“loaded extension”,“type”:“handler”,“name”:“debug”,“description”:“returns raw event data”}
{“timestamp”:“2019-10-21T16:15:57.532620-0700”,“level”:“info”,“message”:“configuring sensu spawn”,“settings”:{“limit”:12}}

If not for wizardvan what other possible ways to get data into a time series database for sensu core?