Issues installing sensu 6.10 on EKS


I’m trying to install sensu on EKS following the sensu k8s getting started.

The issue I’m facing is that the backend readiness probe keeps failing with the following error:

Readiness probe failed: command "wget --no-check-certificate -q -O-" timed out

The pod’s logs show:

{"component":"store","health":{"MemberID":10276657743932975437,"MemberIDHex":"8e9e05c52164694d","Name":"sensu-etcd-0","Err":"context canceled","Healthy":

There’s nothing in the yaml files that allows me to workaround this issue. seems like the backend is trying to make an api request to sensu-etcd-0 instead of sensu-etcd which is the short hostname of the sensu-etcd service.

Has anyone came across this issue before or knows how to fix it? I’ve looked it up here and in the github repo issues but didn’t find anything.

I found the solution in the repo itself

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