Monitoring Docker Containers Status

Hi, I’ve got Sensu up and running and its doing a good job monitoring CPU, Memory, Disk and HTTP status of several servers, I’ve got the output of alerts going to Discord. So I’ve been manage to follow the various documents out there.

I’d like to monitor the status of docker containers, is it running is it down… and I cannot find anything workable that doesn’t involve 200 years of assumed knowledge to do this.

  1. What have you already tried?
    I’ve found VeselaHouba/sensu-plugins-docker and the fork it was, but to be brutally honest

If this is the persons idea of Usage instructions, they are terrible


Default docker host

By default, all the checks will try to use a default docker host if a specific docker host is not provided to the check on the command line (-H <docker_host> / --docker-host <docker_host>).

Those paramaters will be tried in this order as default docker host :

DOCKER_URL environnement variable
DOCKER_HOST environnement variable
/var/run/docker.sock file
  1. Tell us about your setup,

Followed the Sensu Docs to the latest version of Sensu Go
Agents on all endpoints

  1. Is there a Github issue related to your issue? No
  2. Is there anything else that can help us effectively help you?

If someone could tell me or point me to actually usable instructions would be amazing…