Multiple handlers not sending the notification to slack

Im having issue with getting the alerts into slack channel when i use two handler

Let me explain the issue

I have one pagerduty handler and one slack handler

When I use pagerduty handler + slack handler - The alerts are not triggering
When I use slack handler I can able to get the alerts

But the same handlers work in different namespaces…

what might be the issue with the pagerduty handler?

Hey there,

For folks to help, the best thing you can do to ensure they’re able to answer your question is:

  • Provide the relevant resource definitions (e.g., handlers, checks, etc) in either yaml or wrapped-json
  • Provide redacted logs showing the events not being handled
  • Provide the resource definitions for the check/handlers that are working

It’s difficult to intuit what a problem may be when there’s not a whole lot to go off of.

It was an issue with one of my filters… Verified and rectified the issue.