PagerDuty - Resolving a Critical, that has only gone back to a Warning (not to OK)


Wondering if anyone has any ideas on how best to resolve this. We have set our Warning state to only email out, as we don’t want PagerDuty triggering for these events, Criticals go to PagerDuty.

The problem;

When an issue was gone from OK > Warning > Critical - Email is sent, then alert fires in PagerDuty (working as expected)

If the issue only goes back to a Warning (so still an issue, just not one to keep someone awake for), a resolution is never sent to PagerDuty, so the PagerDuty nagging / escalation policy will still apply unless the incidents are marked as resolved in PagerDuty .

Any suggestions on how best to handle this? Really don’t want to go down the route of duplicating alerts (one for Warn, one for Crit) etc…

Thanks in advance.