Question re: refresh of Events page


I’m a new user, evaluating Sensu at present. I have a question regarding the behaviour of the Events page when an event changes state e.g. from WARNING to OK as I’m not sure if what I’m seeing is by design or a bug.

In this circumstance, the change in state is reflected automatically on the sidebar i.e. both the Events and Clients icons go green again, but nothing happens with the actual event itself while I am in the Events page. I’m not sure what I was expecting, I guess either for the event to disappear or go green momentarily first, but it just stays there in a warning state, until I manually refresh the page or navigate elsewhere. Is this the intended behaviour?

I have the following versions running -

uchiwa 0.11.2

sensu-api/server/client 0.20.3

Other than this, my initial thoughts are that I like the simplicity of the UI, the whole checks/subscribers philosophy is great and I love the handlers, especially the out-the-box EC2 Node handler is great for autoscaling environments. Managing several ‘Datacentres’ from the same dashboard is good too (we would probably use Datacentre = AWS Account in our case). The only possible showstopper is that there is no summary record of recent events, which we find valuable on our current system… that seems like a no-brainer to me but maybe just because I’m used to working that way…