Redirect logging to file; not syslog


I’m trying to find a way to have sensu-go (specifically the sensu agent) to log to it’s own file and not log to syslog.

Has anyone been able to do something like this?

  • Mike D.

what host OS are you running sensu-agent on?

If you are using something like Centos 6 as the host OS, you should already be using a sysvinit script that is configured to create logs in /var/log/sensu/

If you are running a systemd based linux distro (ex: CentOS 7), you can extend the systemd service definition and instruct systemd to redirect stdout and stderr into a log file of your cholce.

Here’s a recent discourse post that details how to reconfigure your systemd to redirect stdout/stderr to a log file: SensuGO Agent and Backend Logging

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