Round robin check: reporting agent?

When using a round robin proxy check, is it possible to see which agent reported the latest state?

Context: I’m getting lots of flapping proxy checks and it seems like one agent’s (executing proxy checks) connection is to blame, but I’m not sure which agent that is.


You can construct a check hook command that fires to report back something unique from the running agent.

See attached for an example of a simple proxy check using a hook to call the linux hostname command and the resulting event. The hook output returns ‘carbon’ which is the hostname of the laptop being used as an agent.

proxy_check_with_hook_example.yaml (826 Bytes)

proxy_check_event_with_hook.yaml (2.9 KB)

Don’t forget hooks can also make use of runtime assets…so if the command you want to run as a hook to provide context isn’t on the agent, its possible to pull it in using an asset just like the check.

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I already put in a feature request for this:

Glad to know it’s not just me who wants it.

Worth you expressing an interest in the issue too.