sensu auto deregister of client



sensu added the ability to have a custom handler be called when a sensu-client service stopps gracefully (service sensu-client stop), which I’ve implemented, but I was wondering, if there is a outstanding “event” for a host, does that mean that a host may not be fully removed until that event has “cleared” ?

I see occasionally hosts that have an “Unknown” IP and the only check left for those hosts is a “keepalive” which sometimes is actually “OK” (resolved by API) and sometimes in a “Warning” state (ping was sent between DELETE and actual shutdown of sensu?) - the setup is a little more complicated (not much) but this is roughy the gist of it. I’m wondering if I should try and “delete” all check results and all current events for a host before calling the DELETE ?

The sensu-client on these hosts run only passive checks.