I was about to replace my current sensu-core setup with sensu-go, when I realized I don’t (and I don’t want to) have a ruby environment anymore.

It’s not because I don’t like ruby. I like it very much. However, when I put on my ops hat, a ruby env is just another liability.

Then, I realized I was using two checks extensively: check-disk-usage.rb, and check-http.rb. There are others (like check-http-json.rb` for example), which I also use, but that’s not that critical.

Therefore, I’ve written sensu-base-checks, and published it in either asset file, and in bonsai (sorry, no link because of limits).

I plan to bring my own agenda forward (adding items I used to use), but I’m also open for requests :slight_smile:.

Do you have any issues, requests, or questions? Please ask here.