Sensu Dashboard not displaying content

I just installed Sensu Go (v5.20.0-12118) to check out the new dashboard. However, when I look at the dashboard, the “Total Entities” and “Incidents” both display “zerø” (see screenshot) but I have ~25 entities in the system (split between two namespaces).

How does one go about debugging what’s going on with the dashboard? I looked at the docs for the Dashboard but it did not yield any useful data.

@mdelaney do you happen to be using the Postgres event store?

@todd indeed, I am using the postgres backend.

Engineering is investigating this.

@todd Roger that. Is the “workaround” to disable postgresql backend?

If you really want to see the dashboard at the expense of the performance gains of using Postgres, you can do that, yes.

However, engineering has found the issue and is working on a fix.

Hi @mdelaney

Just to let you know that 5.20.1 has just been released, which fixes a couple of issues around this dashboard. Please let us know if there’s anything else!


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The update seems to have fixed it. Thanks.