Sensu Go 5.20.0 is here!

This release delivers several new features, substantial improvements, and important fixes. One exciting new feature is agent local process discovery to further enrich entities and their events with valuable context. Other additions include a web UI federation view that provides a single pane of glass for all of your Sensu Go clusters and token substitution for assets. And Windows users rejoice! This release includes many Windows agent fixes, as well as agent log rotation capabilities!

Check out the release notes: and download the latest version:


The new global dashboard is nice, but nothing (except namespaces) is clickable – is this something that will change in the future? For instance, if there are 30 incidents, I’d like to click that and get a list of the incidents. If 99% of the hosts are responsive, I’d like to click that and see the 1% that aren’t.

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Hi @amccrea! That is a known issue.