Sensu docs digest for July 2020

Welcome to the July docs digest, coming to you a few days delayed. We’ve been working on some content organization improvements for the docs (see the new docs features below), and we’ve got a patch release too! Sensu 5.21.1 fixes a web UI crash for namespaces that contain 1000+ events and agent error logging regressions, plus adds context to websocket connection errors logged by the backend.

:wrench: New docs features in July

  • Overview content is now posted on the top-level pages of each category and there’s a top-right sidebar for contributions — Read Discourse post
  • New Operations category includes docs organized into topic-based sub-sections — Read Discourse post

:zap: New content in July

:1st_place_medal: Most popular docs in July

:ship: Latest release

Do you have any suggestions or feedback for the Sensu docs? Leave us a comment here! We’d love to hear what you think.