Sensu docs digest for June 2020

Welcome to the June docs digest! We released Sensu 5.21.0 on June 15 — it includes user management enhancements like password hashing and password resets via the backend API as well as fixes for a number of bugs! We’re also a month into our docs architecture project to make our content easier to find, and we’re detailing these changes in individual posts here in the Sensu Docs Discourse category.

:hammer: New features in June

  • Our docs pages now have a table of contents in the right margin. This table of contents lists all the main headings on the page. As you scroll, it “floats” along with you and indicates the top-most heading currently shown on the page.

:boom: New content in June

:star: Most popular docs in June

:passenger_ship: June releases

If you have any suggestions or feedback about the Sensu docs, we’d love to hear it! Drop us a comment below.

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