Sensu Go 6.5.0 is here!

The latest release of Sensu Go, version 6.5.0, is now available for download!

This release includes a number of improvements, specifically exciting new capabilities in the observability pipeline and a major simplification to how “pipelines” are configured.

Sensu Go 6.5.0 introduces a new first-class “Pipeline” resource for defining logical pipeline workflows composed of filters + mutators + handlers.

We’re also introducing new streaming handler types: a TCPStreamHandler with TLS support and a SumoLogicMetricsHandler for seamless integration with the Sumo Logic Continuous Intelligence platform.

Enhancements in the web UI include a completely overhauled configuration management system (with new views for the Checks, Filters, Handlers, and Mutators pages) and behind-the-scenes improvements that pave the way for even more new configuration management capabilities in future releases.

Check out the release notes for more details and see the upgrade guide to upgrade Sensu to version 6.5.0!