Sensu Go 6.8.0 is here!

The latest release of Sensu Go, version 6.8.0, is now available for download!

Sensu Go 6.8.0 delivers a mix of new features, valuable improvements, and helpful fixes.

The new /ready API endpoint provides information about backend readiness, and the api-serve-wait-time and agent-serve-wait-time backend configuration options can help prevent instability during sensu-backend startup.

The web UI now includes dedicated resource pages for assets, pipelines, role-based access control (RBAC) resources, and secrets.

Plus, the resource pages now include details that give you more information about your resources at a glance.

We’ve also fixed bugs that could cause backend crashes or result in incorrect event.check.issued values and improved prioritization to prevent keepalive event creation storms.

Check out the release notes and read the upgrade guide to upgrade Sensu to version 6.8.0!