Sensu Sandbox Set-up

Hi Team,
New to Sensu, Working on Sandbox.
Lesson #1 Created a Sensu monitoring event
Lesson #2 —Don’t want slack------(ignored)
“Lesson #3: Automate event production with the Sensu agent”

  • Installed Nginx and the Sensu HTTP Plugin ----" also installed various other plugins which were not mentioned in the Sandbox tutorial.
    -Created an InfluxDB pipeline
    -Able to see the HTTP response code events for Nginx in Grafana.

I want to view the response of other plugins(sensu-plugins-network-checks, sensu-plugins-filesystem-checks, sensu-plugins-load-checks etc.) as well on Grafana.
Please explain the steps to follow, changes to be done, Do I have to define checks, handlers for each of the Plugins individually??

Hi @Himz,

How did you install the other plugins? Did you use their asset versions on, or did you install them as gems? I’d strongly advise for using the asset versions, if you’ve not done that.

As for viewing the check results, just installing a plugin doesn’t give you results. You’ll have to define a check and a handler on the check. Note that if you’ve already defined an influxdb handler, there’s no need to redefine that–you can add that to your check definition.

Since you’ve already done the sandbox lesson, you’re basically repeating what you’ve already done with the http plugin in terms of defining your checks. For example with the network checks plugin:

type: CheckConfig
api_version: core/v2
  name: metrics-ping
  namespace: default
  command: metrics-ping.rb -h
  - sensu-plugins-network-checks
  - sensu-ruby-runtime
  interval: 10
  publish: true
  output_metric_format: graphite_plaintext
  output_metric_handlers: ["influxdb"]
  - influxdb
  - system

^ This check makes use of the assets listed here:

You can see above, I haven’t redefined the influxdb handler, but I have it listed as a metric handler. You’ll also note that it has the metric output format of graphite_plaintext–this is because ALL Ruby Sensu Community plugins have standardized on this format. But applying that check to your Sensu installation should get you some ping metrics in Influx, which you can then visualize with Grafana.

If you have questions about what’s available, you can always find the executables in the bin directory on the project itself.