Sensu Twilio Handler Reports Resolution but not Warning/Critical


I’m using the Twiliosms handler from the sensu-community-plugin project and have it configured as a handler so that I can move away from pagerduty. I’ve forced services to fail to generate alerts but I never receive an alert from Twilio. However when the service(s) is turned back on, Twilio will send a text message with resolution.

Here is my twiliosms.json (sid/token/numbers changed for anon).






“+18325551212”: {

“sensu_roles”:[ “web-server”, “linux” ], // subscribers

“sensu_checks”:[“redis”], // checks

“sensu_level”: 1




“handlers”: {

“twiliosms”: {

“type”: “pipe”,

“command”: “/etc/sensu/handlers/twiliosms.rb”




Can anyone shed light on the reason why I get the resolution SMS but never the warning/critical?