Trying to migrate from Sensu + Graphite to Sensu + Influxdb

Does anyone have any examples of successfully using Sensu to push metrics in a useable format into InfluxDB? Migrating from Graphite to InfluxDB is a pretty big paradigm shift in thinking, and I’m trying to wrap my brain around what the best way to deal with measurements influx. I’m currently shipping metrics over using the name of the metric check as the measurement, ex. iostat, load, interface, etc, and then passing the hostname as a tag along with those metrics. In regards to metrics like iostat, it returns a large number of various metrics under that top level name, thus creating different measurements for each, ex: iostat-ext.sda.r_per_s and iostat-ext.sda.w_per_s end up being completely different measurements in influxdb. This seems to work alright, but where Graphite could perform functions across any measurements from the same datastore, InfluxDB seems to only be able to perform functions within the same measurement, so in the previous example I cannot seem to SUM those two measurements together.

So, has anyone has any experience with this type of situation with Sensu and Influxdb who would be able to shine a light on this?



From my reading, it seems like the proper way to do this would be to send a single measurement, ex. ‘iostat’, and then the various metrics that fall under than should be sent as fields of that measurement to influx. I have not been able to find any influx extensions for Sensu that would allow for this type of behavior, they don’t seem to be able to deal with the concept influxdb fields at at.