Unable to see the Conf.d and other files

Hi Team,
I installed Sensu go 5.19 according to the steps provided in the document(only the steps given the docuemnt i have followed, i didn’t configured and rabbitmq or redis server as its not specified and its sensu go ). i’m trying to create a HANDLE for which i need to make some changes in the conf.d file and and need to place a script under the plugin folder. but i’m not able to see those folders . i’m able to see to only 2 folders agent.yml and backend.yml.

Note: I’m able to create checks and i’m able to see the alerts in the sensu UI
server: ubuntu 16.04

so please kindly help me in thus context ASAP.

Kind Regards

Hi Karthik,

With sensu-go, you no longer need to manage configuration under /etc/sensu/* other than the agent.yml and backend.yml (only on the backend servers). Configuration is done using sensuctl. You can find the configuration requirements for handlers here: https://docs.sensu.io/sensu-go/latest/reference/handlers/

I’d recommend going through our guides such as the email handler guide found here: https://docs.sensu.io/sensu-go/latest/guides/email-handler/ We also have a guild on sending metrics to a tsdb located here: https://docs.sensu.io/sensu-go/latest/guides/influx-db-metric-handler/ These will give you a walk through on setting handlers up with filters for different event types as well.

Hi Edgar,

Thanks for the quick reply. can i know the ways to create a a custom Handler . I want to Integrate sensu with some other platform

Kind Regards

@karthik you’ll probably want to look at https://github.com/sensu-community/sensu-plugin-sdk as that’s our primary entry point to writing a handler or other type plugin. But it’s also worth noting that it really doesn’t matter what language you write a handler plugin in. You might look at some of the other handler plugins in https://bonsai.sensu.io for inspiration.

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