Using Bonsai Generated Asset Configuration Files

The configuration files generated by Bonsai are intended to be usable by default on target platform and architecture when using the default Sensu Go namespace, but its good practice to visually inspect the configuration file before you add it into your Sensu Go configuration.

Here are a few of things to consider adjusting:


  • Namespace
    Make sure the asset definition is updated for the namespace you intend to use it in.
  • Name
    You may want to change the name to better match your naming scheme.


  • Filters
    You may find that the provided platform filter is too tight for your intended target. Try replacing it with a platform_family that matches the entity information.

You can use senscutl entity info --format yaml to get detailed information about an entity including the platform_family

We should update this post to change our recommendation RE: namespaces since version 5.10.

The sensuctl create command now supports specifying the namespace for a group of resources at the time of creation, allowing you to replicate resources across namespaces without manual editing. See the sensuctl reference for more information and usage examples.