Which check result variables are passed into Sensu Enterprise's built-in Slack integration template, and how can I use them?



I am interested in designing my own Slack message template for the built-in Enterprise Slack integration.


I do not see any information or examples on how this template works, and what variables I can expect to be able to use within the template.

Any information would be very helpful regarding the usage of the Slack template in the context of Sensu results that I want to inject into the message.


Hi there :wave:!

The email integration documentation actually has a useful template for seeing what gets exposed. One that I’ve recommended to folks in the past is something like this:

Sensu has detected a status change of a check.  Please note the following details:

Client: <%= @event["client"]["name"] %>

Check: <%= @event["check"]["name"] %>

Output: <%= @event["check"]["output"] %>

Status: <%= @event["check"]["status"] %> -- (0 = OK, 1 = Warning, 2 = Critical.  Any other number = unknown or a custom status)

<% if @event["check"].key?("notification") %>
Instructions (if there is a problem - check output section): <%= @event["check"]["notification"] \r\n %>
<% else %>
Aaron's 1st Test Statement \r\n
<% end %>

For more information, please consult the Sensu Enterprise dashboard:

<% if @event["client"].key?("datacenter") %>
http://$DASHBOARDURL:3000/#/client/<%= @event["client"]["datacenter"] %>/<%= @event["client"]["name"] %>?check=<%= @event["check"]["name"] %>
<% else %>
Aaron's 2nd Test Statement
<% end %>

Keep in mind that this was used for the MS teams community plugin, but the effect should be the same. Let me know if this helps!


The Events reference documentation page has an example event data payload that you can use as a reference for what attributes are available by default. Keep in mind that any custom check definition or client definition attributes you have set will also be available at their corresponding @event["check"]["foo"] and @event["client"]["foo"] paths.

Hope this helps!