Agent fails to log error related to asset download failure

Hi Team,

Please help here, we are facing this issue all of sudden here mismatch between asset key.

Even though we have updated properly in the asset and which will download from s3 bucket.

Its not matching with asset key and in the sensu backend and always it will generate new one from sensugo.

Even we tried to upgrade sensugo backend to 5.21.3, but still the issue is same here.

Is this bug at your side?.. please help here, due to this non of our checks are not running and blocked our production.

error getting assets for event: sha512:a37e528a7e6c4c976ef7bbc68fe06d8cc1c2ac5944452e0a7e7e742b23a555fdc57510875b6f9c351600d203c91b9f1c5e6039c20b563ab598e539bd96a374f3 does not match…

Agent not downloading the asset from s3 bucket and am able to download manually.

/var/cache/sensu/sensu-agent # ls -la
total 44
drwxr–r-- 2 root root 39 Dec 8 06:59 .
drwxr–r-- 3 root root 25 Dec 8 06:59 …
-rw------- 1 root root 16384 Dec 8 06:59 assets.db
-rw------- 1 root root 32768 Dec 8 06:59 queue.db

Are you running agent as root or as sensu user ?
If sensu, then cache dir ownership is certainly not correct.

ah good catch on that.