Event error on check

Hello Team,

I launch my first check on sensu, i follow the docs for create the cpu check, i attached him the right suscription.

I work on aws on two agent based on the same VPC.

For the check-cpu i have the same issue for both agent machine supervise :

error getting assets for event: error fetching asset: Get https://assets.bonsai.sensu.io/68546e739d96fd695655b77b35b5aabfbabeb056/sensu-plugins-cpu-checks_4.0.0_centos_linux_amd64.tar.gz: dial tcp i/o timeout

I thought of a proxy error my company is very restrictive but if I managed to download the asset and the plugin once I shouldn’t have any more worries

Thanks in advance

Yes it sounds like some sort of problem with the proxy or network.
If you need to use a proxy, make sure you setting HTTP_PROXY in the sensu-agent environment. If you are using the linux packages provided by Sensu, then you should be able to set envvars like HTTP_PROXY in either /etc/default/sensu-agent or /etc/sysconfig/sensu-agent and then restart the sensu-agent service.

Else, if you need to, you can manually download any of those asset tarballs from bonsai and then host them internally on your own network using a http server you control. You would just need to edit the asset resource to point to your local webserver. You always have the option to host assets locally, it’s just a little more complicated to configure them.


First Happy new years

Thanks for your response. I’m going to host them internally on a S3 bucket. Just like you propose. But ressource in the asset template do i have to change?


If you just want to point to S3 cached tarballs, all you have to do is change the url for the asset resource definition. The sha512 should be the same, if you are just caching the tarball that you would have retrieved from github or bonsai.

If you S3 bucket requires additional http headers, we can add headers into the asset resource as needed.