Configure aws sns handler



hi guys
I have already slack handler witch working fine, but I want to add SNS handler only for keepalive check

I have changed in handler-sns.rb file the region from us-east-1 to Ohio us-east-2, there my SNS topic, I create sns_handler.json file:

# sns_handler.json
  "handlers": {
    "sns_cleanup_termination": {
      "type": "pipe",
      "command": "/var/lib/sensu/handler-sns.rb",
      "severites": ["critical", "unknown"],
      "sns": {
        "topic_arn": "arn:aws:sns:us-east-2:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "region": "us-east-2",
        "access_key": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx",
        "secret_key": "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

and keep_alive_sns.json file

#keep_alive_sns.json file 
  "type": "Handler",
  "api_version": "core/v2",
  "metadata" : {
    "name": "keepalive",
    "namespace": "default"
  "spec": {
    "type": "set",
    "handlers": [

But without success
Please Advice


@alexg is this for Sensu Go, or Core?