Configuring timeouts on subscription checks

Hi folks,

Apologies in advance if I’m missing something really obvious here. I have a subscription check, something like this:


"checks": {

    "mysql-alive-check": {

        "command": "/etc/sensu/plugins/mysql-alive.rb -u :::mysql_user::: -p :::mysql_password::: -h localhost",

        "handlers": [ "pagerduty" ],

        "interval": 60,

        "timeout": 30,

        "ttl": 180,

        "subscribers": ["mysql-node"]



and would like the check to fail if it does not complete within the configured timeout. Unfortunately, that isn’t happening, and I can’t figure out how to make it happen. Looking at the code, it seems that the client would respect the timeout, but that the server doesn’t include the timeout in its check request.

Any advice for how to accomplish this?


– Eben