Problem with subscription based checks not getting updated when their definition change

Sorry had posted in #freenode but saw that it moved to here,

Hi folks! I am having an issue with checks subscriptions. I have checks applied to a subscription named “base”. So any host subscribed to base gets all the checks. Using as an example, one of those is the disk_check. It uses the sensu disk plugin to check for free disk space.

I’ve updated the disk_check to include more handlers and a contact information, however, the existing clients subscribed to base are not getting the new version of the disk_check.

Do I need to do something in this case? If I run $ curl -s | jq . I can see that disk_check has the updated handlers and contact, but if I ssh to a client and to a tail /var/log/sensu/sensu-client it is still executing with the old handlers and no contact information. Same goes for the Uchiwa UI. Still reporting old.

The checks for this subscription are defined in /etc/sensu/conf.d/ on the servers only.

When I issue a check through the uchiwa UI I can see the config for the check flapping, it shows the new one for some seconds when I f5 but then it goes to the old one afterwards.

I’ve got a setup with two sensu servers, one redis and one rabbitmq. I’ve tried systemd restarting sensu servers and api on each of the servers.