Sensu check definition updates not reflecting in Uchiwa and updated commands not executing

Hi all
I am running Sensu 0.26.5 on CentOS 7. I have 2 boxes, running sensu server, api ,uchiwa behind HAproxy for HA. Both of them are controlled by Ansible so no configuration drift.

I am facing issue where when I update a check definition and restart sensu-api, sensu-server on both of my boxes that updated check definition doesn’t show up in uchiwa for the boxes under the check’s subscription group. Here is the updated check definition:


“checks”: {

“activemq_check”: {

“command”: “check-process.rb -p apache-activemq -C 1”,


“subscribers”: [



“slack”: {



“interval”: 60




Attached screenshot shows the check still has the old command and it is not updating it. On the other hand if I click on the checks section in Uchiwa: it shows the updated check command.

I can use some help here and if my question is not clear please let me know.