Custom signin page

is there a way to provide some custom html for the signin page for sensu-go? I have an LDAP setup for authentication which provides a self service password reset option. I’d like to link to that directly from the the sensu-go signin page (e.g. a “Reset Password” link to it) if possible.

Any help appreciated.

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Custom sign-in pages are not supported, but this sounds like something we could improve. Is the self-service password reset page reachable via a link? If so we might be able to add a configurable field for providing an “SSO password reset url” and then show a “reset password” link on the sign-in page.

Does this sound useful?

Hi, that sounds like it would fit perfectly. I just need something customisable in the sign-in dialogue box which would enable an override - in this case the URL to the SSO password reset self service page.

What’s the process for raising a feature request like this?

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A GitHub issue here would be great: GitHub - sensu/sensu-go: Simple. Scalable. Multi-cloud monitoring.

If you could link back to this discussion that would be great. Thanks!