Getting error with Sensu backend Authorization

I’ve successfully Installed and configure sensu-backend and sensu-go services.

But when I start sensu-backend start I am getting below error

{“component”:“sensu-enterprise”,“level”:“fatal”,“msg”:“dial tcp [::1]:2379: connect: connection refused”,“time”:“2019-05-09T23:23:12-04:00”}
I am not using enterprise feature.

Also when I configured sensuctl configure I am getting below error.

Error: unable to authenticate with error: Get dial tcp connect: connection refused

I’ve checked port 8080 is not used by any other service.

I’ve tried to connect port 8080 but it gave me connection refused error

nc -vz 8080
nc: connect to port 8080 (tcp) failed: Connection refused

Hi @mk00559179

The first error you are getting is actually happening because Sensu can’t connect to etcd, therefore it cannot start. Therefore, you won’t be able to configure sensuctl if the backend isn’t running.

You should start by double checking the backend configuration, especially around the datastore. Are you running an external etcd cluster or are you using the embedded one? Are you running a single node cluster or multiple nodes? Feel free to share your backend configuration.


HI @palourde

Thanks for response.

I am not sure what is going wrong, But I’ve reinstall sensu docker and everything is working fine now.

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