How to aggregates data from multiple datacenters

In 1.x, there is Uchiwa to aggregate data from multiple data centers. In 2.x (go), Uchiwa is replaced by dashboard. I cannot find any document about multiple data centers for dashboard. Seems the only way for multiple data centers support is: one powerful sensu go backend cluster in one datacenter and multiple agents in other data centers. This solution has single point failure obviously. And if deploy a sensu go cluster cross two data centers, split brain problem make it more complex.

Is there any way to support multiple data centers with sensu go?

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Hi @alfred.hua,

Federation has not been released yet. The primary deployment pattern for that now would be as you say. Ideally, you would include namespaces as part of that pattern to differentiate datacenters, as well as have a role that would be able to view each of those datacenters, if needed. Also, it’d be ill-advised to deploy a cluster across datacenters, aside from the split brain issue, etcd would be unhappy to say the least. So all of that to say, until federation is released, it’s not possible to achieve the same sort of behavior that you saw in Sensu Core with Uchiwa.