How To Contribute to Sensu Go

Now that Sensu Go is officially in GA, I wanted to share a few updates about how we’re releasing packages. Going forward, we’re releasing new versions of Sensu that are built from our Enterprise repo; Sensu Go is the upstream for Sensu Enterprise (as they’d say in the Golang community: Sensu Go is "vendored" into the Sensu Enterprise Go repo).

We wanted to improve the company’s packaging support to increase reliability for our community, and in order to do that we’re focusing on a collection of architectures and operating systems that are widely used in production (based on community feedback). In order to avoid the complexity of maintaining two different release pipelines (Core and Enterprise), we’re making things simple by releasing all new versions of Sensu Go from our Enterprise repo. This will free us up to focus on what matters: delivering the best Sensu possible to our community.

Above all, Sensu is and always will be open source, and we continue to highly value community contribution. The Sensu Go open source project is still governed by an MIT license, which source code will always be available to download and compile from

From now on, we will encourage all users to download the new officially supported packages from the Sensu website, as the functionality will be identical to what you find in the open source core, and upgrading Sensu Go to access enterprise-only features can be achieved with a license key. An integral and crucial part of Sensu is and always will be open source, and we’ll continue to collect community feedback via the sensu-go GitHub repository and develop new "core" features.

The only difference now is when you open an issue in the sensu-go repo, you might not always see the work being done on it straightaway (because at times that work will be done in our Enterprise repo). Our team has committed to updating all issues in sensu-go with the status, so you’ll known for sure your issue was seen and is being addressed.

I hope this offered some explanation as to our process, but please don’t hesitate to @ me or Sean Porter here in Discourse or Slack. We’re looking forward to hearing from you, and thanks for joining us on this journey!

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