How to integrate webhook with sensu

i had a requirement to monitor azure vms with open source monitoring tool. so i did POC on sensu and did installed sensu workshop for azure vms. i want to use generic webhook integration with applications other than slack can someone provide me documentation around setting up a generic webhook for sending alerts to.

Hey there :wave:,

If I correctly understand what you’d like to do, you may want to take a look at the sensu-http-handler

Please see the Sensu docs for install dynamic runtime asset definitions.

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Thanks for sharing justin.
I just went through the asset which you have a shared… is there any documention or videos for installation and setup of sensu-http-handler…

Hey there, is there something specific you’re looking? The handler configuration follows the patterns we’ve established in the lessons here: GitHub - sensu/sensu-go-workshop: Sensu Go 6 Monitoring as Code workshop..