About the Sensu Integrations category

Use this category to ask questions about any and all things related to plugins, runtime assets, and integrations - and what’s the difference anyway? :blush:

  • Sensu Plugins are executable scripts or other programs you can use as Sensu checks, mutators, handlers, and CLI commands.

  • Runtime Assets (or just “assets”) are a lightweight packaging format for real-time distribution of Sensu Plugins. Assets are not required to use Sensu Plugins, but they do eliminate the need for traditional configuration management to install monitoring instrumentation.

    Sensu Assets are discoverable via Bonsai – the Sensu Asset Index. Bonsai is like a “Docker Hub for Sensu”, providing a centralized repository and global CDN for easy distribution of Sensu Assets. And anyone can develop and share their own assets via Bonsai – from Sensu Partners to the Sensu Community.

  • Sensu Integrations are a brand new way of packaging monitoring solutions for Sensu, providing plugin developers a low-code development platform for guiding users through setup and installation of infrastructure and application monitoring integrations with simple web-based user prompts (i.e. web based forms).

    ICYMI: Sensu Go version 6.7.0 introduced a new in-app integration marketplace called the Sensu Integration Catalog.