How to use one check, but apply this check for two instance that running on one host?

For instance:
I have VPS and on this VPS I have two instances on nginx running on 5000 port and 3000 port.
Also, I have an agent installed on this vps.
I need the configuration to check these two instances on the same host.
How can I do that with nginx-check asset?
I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Hi Ruslan, :wave:

I am a community volunteer in the Sensu Community Forum. I immediately thought of having two separate checks, one for each port. Is that something that would work for you?

I think it’s not what I need.
because let’s imagine I have blockchain 100 tendermint nodes running over the different machines. On one machine I have several tendermint nodes on another 2 and so on. I have tendermint check.
With this approach, I need 100 checks configuration. It’s hard to manage because it will blow my monitoring as code repo.
I found GitHub - sensu/sensu-check-multiplexer, I think that’s what I need that will allow me to split one check on separate events. So I need to keep only one check in my monitoring as a code repo.
Thanks for your help :slightly_smiling_face: