Is it possible to implement asset disable?

I hope this feature will be implemented.

Is there a problem with the implementation and the issue has not been resolved?

  1. What have you already tried? Please include links to gists and/or code blocks (if relatively small)

Nothing. This is question of issue.

  1. Tell us about your setup, this should include OS, version of Sensu, version of Sensu components (redis, rabbitmq), plugin versions (if applicable), anything special about your setup such as an airgapped network or strict ACLs

Nothing. This is question of issue.

  1. Is there a Github issue related to your issue?
  1. Is there anything else that can help us effectively help you?

Nothing. This is question of issue.

Hi @eshimizu

Thanks for raising this feature. I will discuss it with the rest of the team and we will try to prioritize it accordingly.


Thank you for your reply.
I expect the priority to be raised and the feature implemented.

Thank you for release include disable-asset flag in 5.11.0!

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